Eldoret – Kenya

Education for Life – Eldoret, Kenya

A support program for people living with HIV/AIDS

Arriving at the EFL Centre - Eldoret, Kenya

Arriving at the Education for Life Centre – Eldoret, Kenya

Eldoret, the fifth largest and fastest growing area in Kenya, is located 263km North West of Nairobi with a population of close to 220,000. Regular EFL workshops are conducted which focus on HIV/AIDS prevention. Counselling services are available and in-home support is provided. Close to 500 orphans and vulnerable children (whose parents are infected) are being supported to enable them to continue in primary and secondary school. Infected / affected families are assisted to initiate income generating activities and are encouraged to become involved in the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) scheme. SILC, a development of the micro finance concept, has been designed by Catholic Relief Services specifically for the poorest of the poor in rural communities.

EFL Team - Eldoret

Education for Life Team – Eldoret, Kenya

The Foundation supports the Education for Life (EFL) project. In Kenya, HIV/AIDS is estimated to affect about 6.3% of the population. The EFL project supports sufferers and affected families living in the slum areas. The project provides small interest-free loans through a microfinance scheme for sustainable income generating activities such as tailoring, production of cultural artefacts, poultry farming and market gardening.

ERFA is the key donor for EFL Eldoret and in 2017 is providing A$95,000 to support the five programs.  Another key donor is Edmund Rice Development based in Ireland. In 2017, EFL Eldoret launched their 5 year strategic plan.



For a quick overview of the Savings & Internal Lending Communities Scheme (SILC) – click HERE

Pictured: SILC Group at EFL – Eldoret, Kenya

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SILC Group at Eldoret

SILC Group at EFL – Eldoret, Kenya

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