Gone Fishing Immersion

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others – Nelson Mandela

Gone Fishing


“During the course of early 2013, I began to realize that my children were being exposed to a range of amazing social justice programs at their schools. It made me wonder what I was doing in my own life. I wanted to show my kids that I too could walk the walk. I wasn’t doing my part so I decided to go on the Gone Fishing immersion trip to Nairobi, Kenya. I was confronted and shocked by the level of poverty and hardship, the challenge to provide just the basics. There was no food, limited water, no sanitation, make-shift homes, if any, and no means of employment. I was astounded by what a mother would do to feed her child, to clothe them and shelter them. It was an attack on all the senses but more than anything an attack on the mind and spirit. This experience changed me forever. If you get the chance to be a part of a Gone Fishing immersion, grab it with both hands, be brave, say yes! Be a part of a group of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things to make change.”
Karen Hanna Miller – Gone Fishing immersion participant 2013

About the immersion program

Gone Fishing is an East-African immersion program aimed at connecting present and future decision makers in corporate Australia with the people of Africa. This program centres upon a 12 day immersion visiting various projects supported by the Edmund Rice Foundation.

Gone Fishing provides a unique opportunity for individuals who are looking to attend a meaningful and challenging international professional development program. The program seeks to harness and further develop the leadership, management and interpersonal skills of each attendee whilst at the same time presenting the human face of Africa with all its vibrancy and complexity.

The Gone Fishing program is aimed at men and women who have influence over the decision-making structures that will determine the world of tomorrow. The Edmund Rice Foundation in recognising this reality, seeks to provide an opportunity for business people to immerse themselves in the development projects of East Africa. Our hope is to inspire, challenge and engage each participant to be agents for change in their own community and to motivate others to support the impoverished and disempowered on their own doorstep.

The hope of the program is one of a connection – it is not a fund raising initiative.

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