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Aware of the unacceptable levels of poverty and injustice in the developing world, particularly for the young, the Edmund Rice Foundation works collaboratively with local communities in development projects involving education, health, vocational training and community development.

The Edmund Rice Foundation is active in planning, monitoring and evaluating the projects it supports. These projects:

– are grounded in the expressed needs of local communities

– promote continuous improvement and wellbeing of those communities

– deliver a fair distribution of the benefits that result from the projects

Why it works

What makes the Edmund Rice Foundation different, transformative and sustainable is that it is present with the people and communities it works with and remains sensitive to, and informed by, their experiences and hopes. The Foundation’s programs and solutions are not designed

in far off countries framed by different realities. They are co-created, empowering and real. In working this way, the Foundation best harnesses the goodwill of those who desire to help and support it. The Edmund Rice Foundation reduces the separation between peoples and the reality of their circumstances and it shows how even the smallest engagement can transform lives.

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