ERFA has recently teamed up with SolarBuddy to help educate and empower the next generation by changing the lives of children living in energy poverty. This will be done through innovative education and engagement programs which a number of schools have already started running through their curriculum.

SolarBuddy’s mission is to help improve the educational opportunities of 6 million children living in energy poverty throughout the South Pacific, South East Asia and Africa by 2030 by providing them with a SolarBuddy solar light to study with after dusk.  Children also spend less time collecting firewood for cooking and heating and instead spend more time attending class, preparing for exams and completing homework assignments. In an Impact Assessment commissioned by SolarBuddy and KTF, they found that there was a massive 78% increase in time spent on homework and an 80% reduction in average weekly expenditure on Kerosene.. Now isn’t that great!

For more information on SolarBuddy, please visit www.solarbuddy.org or contact Jarrod Turner, ERFA Donor Relations Manager on 0481 905 290 or jturner@edmundrice.org.