Vision & Values


Our Vision

The Foundation’s vision is for a just and peaceful world where the dignity and rights of all are respected and in which all have control over their lives and have access to the resources and opportunity to achieve their potential.

The Foundation draws its inspiration from the life and vision of Edmund Rice, the Irish businessman who more than 200 years ago responded to the needs on his doorstep by dedicating his life and resources to the liberation of the poor through education. A life and work characterised by presence, compassion and liberation.

Our Values


  • Relationships built on mutual respect, trust and accountability
  • Standing in solidarity with the disadvantaged and those living in poverty
  • Belief in the equality and di
    gnity of all persons


  • Our fundamental response is compassion, which refuses to accept global poverty and suffering and which awakens us to our responsibilities and compels us to take action
  • Being sensitive to and informed by the experiences and hopes of local people


  • Empowerment through education which promotes human development and increases the capacities of local people to break the poverty cycle and determine their own futures
  • To assist communities in identifying their needs and in developing strategies to address those needs
  • A strong commitment to justice as the foundation for a peaceful world

Our Guiding Principles

In its development work the Foundation is committed to:

  • A partnership approach to development characterised by integrity and transparency
  • Seeking to understand and respect the perspectives of those we are in partnership with
  • Giving priority to projects which engage with the most marginalised and exploited
  • Developing resilient, sustainable communities that over time will result in local management and autonomy
  • Being inclusive and offering support in a spirit of human solidarity regardless of race, gender, religious or political beliefs
  • Promoting and advocating children’s
    and women’s rights
  • Promoting and advocating sustainable living and prudent use of earth’s resources

As an organisation the Foundation is committed to:

  • Valuing all who contribute to the work of the Foundation in various roles and as partners
  • Raising public awareness and enabling Australians to be involved in global and local change through responding to poverty and injustice
  • Maintaining a low cost administrative regime to maximise benefits to project partners
  • Engaging in partnership with other development agencies similarly committed

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