Nili Kotoka Artwork

Nili Kotoka
Over three million people live in the settlements of Mukuru and Kibera on the outskirts of Nairobi. In terms of land area to population, they are perhaps the most crowded places on earth. Extreme poverty, malnutrition, HIV, cholera and sexual abuse are prevalent. But dignity and perseverance abound.
Nili Kotoka, (Swahili meaning “where I come from”) is an attempt to understand how despite the most desperate circumstances, community is fundamental, music permeates all aspects of life and above all, education is cherished.
The photographic artwork available for purchase on this page are from photographer Mark Chew, who visited Africa with ERFA in June 2017.   Two exclusive art exhibitions were held to display the works both in Melbourne and Brisbane.  Artwork is now available to purchase online post event.
Artwork prices start at $300 for A2 unframed prints.

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  • Large Framed Artwork is a limited edition artpiece of only 5 prints (approx 1×1.5m) by photographer Mark Chew.
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Delivery cost is included in the total purchase amount for all prints. Ensure your full address is listed on your purchase. You will be contacted in regards to this order.  Delivery time is approximately 14-21 days from purchase date due to items being professionally printed and framed. If delivery falls outside of this time period, you will be notified.

A2 unframed prints are delivered via Australia Post tube parcels with the A2 and large framed artwork delivered to your door by a courier service.  We will need to arrange a time for you to be home once the order is ready for delivery,
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