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Staff Profile, Esther
Program: Mary Rice Centre, Africa

Esther  is a trained occupational therapist who is employed full time at the Mary Rice Centre.  Esther assists children in therapy sessions to rehabilitate their current needs such as learning to walk independently, correcting posture and achieving regular movement to enhance daily life.

Esther is a bubbly, enthusiastic employee whose infectious smile can light up a room.  It is through the constant dedication of staff such as Esther at the Mary Rice Centre that children continually receive the support they deserve.

BBCEC Teachers with Diocesan Top Teacher Awards 2017

Program: Br Beausang Catholic Education Centre (BBCEC)

On May 26, 2017 the Catholic Diocese of Ngong held its annual education day. Part of the day’s activities included presentations to teachers and schools in recognition of the school’s successes in the 2016 primary and secondary national exams.

The school was recognized for having the highest ranked pupil in the Diocese and also a number of secondary subject teachers were given awards for being the top ranked teachers in their subjects based on student results. The subjects were Mathematics, Physics, Business Studies, History and CRE from a total of nine subjects offered. This was a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the teachers to their students and to the school.

Another illustration of the positive impact the school has was the decision by five of the 2016 graduates to volunteer in the school for the first two terms whilst waiting to commence their tertiary studies in August. Their motivation has been to give back to the school as an appreciation of the support given to them during their time at the school.

Susan’s Story (not her real name)
PROGRAM: Education for Life, Eldoret

Susan is a grandmother at the age of 65 years. She came to EFL in the year 2003.
Susan is currently living with her husband who is aged now.
She was blessed with Eight children, three girls and five boys. Sadly, she lost four of her children (two boys and two girls).
After loosing her four children, she was left with a burden on her shoulders of taking care of the young ones that were left behind. She came to EFL to seek support for the eleven orphan grandchildren whom she was taking care of.
Being a casual labourer, life was very difficult and considering her age, she could not take up heavy duties. Her husband could not give any help because he was sickly all the time.
When she came to EFL, she was received by Sr. Hellen and Angeline where she explained to them her situation which was very unbearable. She was and still is living with eleven grandchildren and most of the time they could go without food and could not even manage to go to school.
The program made a home visit to ascertain the situation and immediately after that visit the children were put to the nearby school to pursue an education.
Since then the program has been assisting the children and they are progressing on well with their education, some being in secondary school, one in four form and two in form one and others still in primary school.
Susan, beside being helped by the program continued working hard and she also joined the SILC GROUP in the year 2016 to save a little money that will enable her to buy a piece of land for the family.
She also joined EFL choir and she is a very committed and devoted member. Through the choir she has been able to share with other member about her challenges which becomes a plat fort to release her stress and help her move on and live well.
She is really happy to have joined the program because it has become a source of hope to her and to her family. Many thanks to EFL.

Ruth’s Story (not her real name)
Program: Mary Rice Centre, Africa

At 4 years old, Ruth* arrived at the Mary Rice Centre in 2015. She had muscle weakness on one side of her body and struggled to walk, to use her hand or lift her left leg.A treatment plan was identified and with therapy sessions, Ruth is now able to walk independently, has achieved hand function, and after regular use of a splint, is now walking and running around.

Your continued support of the Mary Rice Centre, enables children like Ruth to receive the Occupational Therapy they need to be happy and running around like all 6 years should have the chance to be.

*not her real name due to privacy.

Clinton’s Story
Program: St Stephen’s School, Kenya

This is Clinton. Clinton is a new student at St. Stephen’s school in Kenya.  His family
recently moved to Kibera in search of work in the city of Nairobi. When Clinton’s family
moved to Nairobi, he could not speak any English. He find it very hard to communicate as
English is the medium of instruction in the Kenyan education.
St. Stephen’s has created positive change for Clinton since he joined. He has been given the opportunity to
improve his English with the attentive patience of his teachers.

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