Mentor programs give children opportunities to build confidence, social skills and self-worth

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Connection is the most organic and natural expression of the positive outcomes Edmund Rice Camps can produce.

Recently graduated from highschool and the sole care-giver for members of her family, Bronte was referred to Edmund Rice Camps in 2019 for her second year with the organsation.  The hope was to allow her the time to experience positive social interactions with peers her own age, given the demands of her at home.

Through the Edmund Rice Camps 1 to 1 peer – mentor programs, children are given the opportunity to build their confidence, social skills and self- worth in a safe environment. 

Over the week of being in the Hybrid Program, (named because of its fluid nature of peer mentoring where teens are invited and given the freedom to develop friendships and relationships with support of positive role models in young adult volunteers), Bronte developed friendships with kids her own age and built rapport with the volunteers very quickly.   

She connected so well with some of the female volunteers throughout the program and were seen as ‘peas in a pod’ and formed a strong BFF alliance with strong and meaningful connections that Bronte and the volunteers were not expecting.

As Eddie Rice volunteers, it was a time for them to acknowledge that their lives and Bronte’s are so similar, but are led very differently due to causal factors beyond either of their control.

This social education is of great value for those involved in the program and creates positive interactions and lifelong connections which are invaluable and at the forefront of what Edmund Rice Camp’s is all about.

If you are interested in volunteering with Edmund Rice Camps or would like more information, please connect with an Edmund Rice Camps in your state.

ERC Queensland – www.ercampsqld.org 
ERC New South Wales – www.ercampsnsw.org
ERC Victoria – www.edmundricecampssa.org/
ERC Western Australia – https://edmundricecampswa.com.au/
ERC Tasmania – www.erctaseo.wixsite.com/erctas 




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On January 27, 2020
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