Mary Rice Centre

In an area of extreme poverty, the Mary Rice Centre supports children from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya with physical and intellectual disabilities.

The Mary Rice Centre is a transitional school where differently abled children are offered an opportunity for social integration and rehabilitative care, experiences which are not available to them within their homes.
Where possible, after successful transition  through programs focused upon self-care, social integration and creative skills, children are supported in accessing mainstream schools or vocational training centres through the provision of sponsorship support from generous and caring benefactors.  You can learn more by visiting www.maryricekenya.com

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Mary Rice Centre is $140,000.



The Mary Rice Centre supports;

  • Primary/Highschool Education
  • Vocational training
  • Orphans and vulnerable children
  • Health
  • Microfinance & SILC
  • Disability

For more information please visit https://maryricekenya.com/about/



Update: July 2018
An exciting and important day in the history of the Mary Rice Centre with the very first walkathon taking place on 21st July 2018.  Themed ‘Tujenge Mary Rice’ (Let’s Build Mary Rice), the walkathon brought together 1720 people who walked in solidarity with the centre.
In line with the global SDGs, our country’s vision 2030 and our organization’s strategic plan 2017-2021, we feel encouraged to keep moving forward in supporting children with special needs and the community around them in Kibera and beyond.
In seeking collaboration to promote the objectives of the walkathon and the activities of the Centre, all planned activities were designed to support and encourage “fullness of life” and ‘’human dignity’’ with clear foot prints on moral values, spiritual growth and culture. On behalf of the entire Mary Rice Centre family, thank you to all who made it possible for us to hold the walkathon through their support and encouragement.

Image from Mary Rice Centre


Update: August 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, children at the Mary Rice Centre are more confident with reading, writing and can recognize numbers 1 to 20.

Through occupational therapy, children have progressed through developmental milestones which has improved joint range of motion, muscle tone and increased self esteem.

During the second quarter, a parent workshop was held that included other members of the community, where parents were able to learn more about a child’s rights and needs.  Parents also took place in an empowerment  program where skills were gained such as tailoring and dressmaking and others partook in farming activities that provided good food supply and surplus to sell.


Update: July 2017

During the last quarter, due to inadequate water supply provided by the city council of Nairobi once every week, a percentage of funds are being allocated to the digging of a well to be used for cleaning, watering flowers and watering the vegetable garden.



Susie* is a 4 year old girl and the 3rd born in a family of three. She has delayed milestone from head control which was identified at 4 months from a doctor at Dog Unit.

It has been two years already ; but we have had a wonderful and fulfilling journey with Susie who arrived at the centre on 16th Feb 2016 when she was two years old. Susie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 6 months whereby she had not yet attained head and sitting control. It is at this point that the mother was advised to seek therapy services. She tried many places but could not keep up because of the financial implications. One day through a good Samaritan she was encouraged to bring the child to Mary Rice Centre.

When we received Susie at the Centre, she had generalized muscle weakness of her whole body, had not yet attained head control and was not able to sit. After sessions of therapy, Susie has attained head control, can roll over when placed on a mat, she is able to sit independently, can now crawl and stand with support. There is improved muscle tone and muscle strength. We are optimistic that she will be able to stand and walk independently but as we say we treat but God heals.

*not her real name due to privacy.
Updated March 2019

Esther  is a trained occupational therapist who is employed full time at the Mary Rice Centre.  Esther assists children in therapy sessions to rehabilitate their current needs such as learning to walk independently, correcting posture and achieving regular movement to enhance daily life.

Esther is a bubbly, enthusiastic employee whose infectious smile can light up a room.  It is through the constant dedication of staff such as Esther at the Mary Rice Centre that children continually receive the support they deserve.

 At 4 years old, Ruth* arrived at the Mary Rice Centre in 2015. She had muscle weakness on one side of her body and struggled to walk, to use her hand or lift her left leg.A treatment plan was identified and with therapy sessions, Ruth is now able to walk independently, has achieved hand function, and after regular use of a splint, is now walking and running around.

Your continued support of the Mary Rice Centre, enables children like Ruth to receive the Occupational Therapy they need to be happy and running around like all 6 years should have the chance to be.

*not her real name due to privacy.


The children and community of the Mary Rice Centre can be supported in a number of ways including:


Making a donation to support staff and children within the Mary Rice Centre. 

Donate online to support African programs

Volunteering time and expertise – for example physiotherapists, occupational therapists, special learning needs teachers, teachers and vocational trainers are all needed to assist and grow staff at the Mary Rice Centre.  

Contact the Mary Rice Centre to find out more