Western Zambia


850 people

2021 Funding


The Community Engagement Program (CEP) provides two integrated programs for improving livelihoods, health and education in Western Zambia.


Improved Maternal and Child Health

This project will consist of a two-day intensive course in maternal health care practices in 3 different rural communities in Zambia. 600 beneficiaries will gain knowledge on adhering to standards of antenatal and postnatal-clinic visits set by the Ministry of Health. Training will also include COVID-19 safe practices, unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, substandard hygiene practices and importance of immunisation.

90 women will be selected as champions based on criteria co-created with Ministry of Health facilitators and workshop participants. These champions will undertake a 2-day workshop course in “Effective Training Management and Delivery Techniques” (ETMTDT). They will then be responsible for mentoring other women and adolescent girls in their communities and will be attached to 5 government health clinics giving mentoring women and girls coming for their antenatal and postnatal appointments. After one month of attachment and certification, they will continue mentoring women using platforms such as Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAGs), Adolescent Safe Motherhood Action Groups (ASMAGs) and Neighbourhood Health Committees (NHCs), and schools.

Improved Early Childhood Education for 250 vulnerable children in Western Zambia

This project is to establish early childhood learning centres in Zambian rural villages. One for 50 children in Luampa and another for 200 children in Limulunga. Teaching salaries and all expenses are to be covered by government. The second part of the project is to to provide resources including desks, chairs and learning materials at a new Early Childhood Development Centre in Mwandasengo for 50 children and at two (2) established ELCs for 200 children at two exisiting centres in Limulunga.

‘’We are very appreciative of the Community Engagement Program (CEP) in Senanga (Western Zambia). The awareness creation they have done to help us improve hygiene, sanitation and educate young mothers on breastfeeding and how to take care of themselves and their babies has been very helpful. We hope to see improvements in health and well-being of these young mothers and for the community as a whole.”
Janet (Community Member at Senanga)

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Best Foot Forward 2021

We’re asking for your help so that SHE can put HER best foot forward.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, violence against women and girls has intensified.

The opportunity to gain education and skills is the key to HER long-term empowerment.

Our goal is to raise $150,000 in 24 hours on the 12th November 2021, so that disadvantaged women and girls can have access to opportunity through education.

Learn more by visiting www.bestfootforward.org.au