Papua New Guinea



2019 Funding


Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities National Unit (CSNU) is the head organisation that supports the work of 19 Callan Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERCs) in 17 provinces across PNG as well as the work of the Callan Studies National Institute (CSNI).

With an estimated 413,000* children with disability in PNG, CSNU fosters access to high-quality education and health care and provides an opportunity for these children to be more fully included in society.

CSNU’s work is essential to the effectiveness of each Centre (IERC) which works directly with persons with disabilities in their communities; and to the Callan Studies National Institute (CSNI) which trains and supports teachers across the country in special (inclusive) education. The Centres provide a safe environment for peoples with disabilities, particularly children, to receive appropriate education and necessary support such as Braille training, speech therapy and assistive equipment. The Centres also support the integration of children with disabilities into mainstream schooling.


Program focus

a CSNU staff member

to undertake a Certificate in Audiometry course

officers in the IERCs in the use of devices

such as hearing aids

officers in the IERCs in skills to ensure inclusiveness

for peoples with disabilities

officers in the IERCs in Child Care Safety

and Protection to ensure the safety of children, particularly those with disabilities

10 officers from various IERCs in speech therapy

so that they can better support students with hearingand speech impairment

To learn more about Callan Services, please visit callanservices.org/