The Foundation supports two projects in Timor Leste:

Comunidade Edmund Rice


Text Books Arriving

Comunidade Edmund Rice (CER) was established in Timor Leste in the late 1990s and supports health, education and development projects in partnership with the 5 village communities of Railaco Kraic, Railaco Leten, Samalete, Deleco and Taraco in the Ermera District in the remote hill country behind Dili.
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The Terrace Timor Network (TTN)/ERFA Vanilla Growing Project

IMG_1927The TTN/ERFA Vanilla Growing Project is a 5-year livelihood project to develop a vanilla industry in Railcar Suco. In an area where two thirds of farmers earn less than $250 for their annual coffee harvest, vanilla – a highly valued spice worldwide – has the potential to help households break from the poverty trap.



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