Nairobi, Kenya


628 people

2020 Funding


The Edmund Rice Karibu Group conducts advocacy and full day and half day camps for children living in the Kibera slum. The Group also conducts outreach to informal schools in Kibera providing training to staff and students in child rights and safeguarding and environmental initiatives. ERKG volunteer leaders receive regular training and participate in cross-cultural programs that enhance capacity, partnerships and networking.

Children participating in camps come mainly from 8 informal primary schools in Kibera. The programs are conducted by young adults also mainly from Kibera. Around 3 full day and 3 half day programs are run per quarter. In all, around 1,000 children participate across the year with some attending multiple programs.


To learn more about Edmund Rice Karibu Group please visit https://www.edmundricedevelopment.org/impact/projects/edmund-rice-karibu-camps/


Edmund Rice Centre Nairobi (ERCN) is a community-based organisation that provides educational, vocational and livelihood services to vulnerable communities living in the informal settlement of Kibera. ERFA has a proud history of supporting ERCN projects. In 2021, ERFA is supporting ERCN projects including Education for Children living with disabilities (formerly Mary Rice Centre) and an advocacy project designed to empower residents of the Kibera community.