Kabankalan, Negros Occidental



2019 Funding


The major industry in the Kabankalan region is sugarcane. Remuneration to workers is very low. Generally, these workers are squatters on land owned by the sugar plantations. ERM Kabankalan endeavours to build communities for mutual support and initiate livelihood programs to increase income. The focus of ERM Kabankalan’s programs is Sustainable Community Development.

ERM Kabankalan works to empower the very poor through targeted community education enabling them to uplift themselves from extreme poverty.


Program focus

establishment and training of village communities

in livelihood projects such as piggeries, rice sales, small shops and production of bio fuel

training of community health workers


education for out-of-school youth

through an Alternative Learning System (ALS)


training of ERM staff

to support them in their roles

training communities in environmental care

and tree planting


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