Railaco Villages, Ermera District Timor Leste


135 people

2020 Funding


ERFA has a partnership with Mary MacKillop Today to support the Ermera Teacher Training & Tetun Literacy Program in Timor Leste. Mary MacKillop Today has an in-country office and has responsibility for the governance of nine Edmund Rice pre-primary schools (TEKA’s) where 291 children are enrolled. ERFA’s partnership delivers training to teachers, parents and other members in the community to support delivery of the national Tetum literacy curriculum, numeracy and health education together with resources.

ERFA was pleased to receive an Australian Aid Friendship Grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to support this program in 2019.


Program focus

training of 23 teachers

in teaching methodologies, classroom management and lesson planning for effective literacy and health education

training of 480 parents

in their important role in early childhood education including basic literacy and numeracy training and in-home learning activities

training of teachers and parents

in child protection and positive discipline

class sets of Tetum literacy and health resources

for 23 teachers

research on current skills

and needs of 156 district teachers and 1,200 parents

Field Base Officer salary

to support all programming

To learn more about the Ermera Teacher Training & Tetun Literacy Program please visit Mary MacKillop Today below;

Timor-Leste: Tetun Literacy & Teacher Training Program