In Africa, ERFA supports the projects listed below. To learn more, click on the links.


Visit from Australian students

Br Beausang Catholic Education Centre, Embulbul

The Br Beausang Catholic Education Centre (BBCEC) school welcomes students of all tribes, cultures and religions from neighbouring communities. Br Beausang school is at capacity with 770 students across primary and secondary classes. The school also has a unit for children with special needs. Most of the students are from poor and often displaced families and many are orphans.

We would like to thank the wonderful people at the ‘Project Kenya’ initiative for BBCEC in Embulbul, Nairobi who were most generous in their commitment to BBCEC.

ERFA contributed Funding for 2018 for BBCEC is $250,000.


EFL Support Group in session

Education for Life, Eldoret

ERFA supports the Education for Life (EFL) project in Eldoret, Kenya. The EFL project supports sufferers and affected families living with HIV/AIDS in the slum areas. The project provides education, support and small interest-free loans through a microfinance scheme. The scheme assists families with sustainable income generating activities such as tailoring, production of cultural artefacts, poultry farming and market gardening.
Key supporters towards Education for Life include Zimele, who work in partnership with ERFA to provide education and assist in the provision of basic health needs to the community.
ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for EFL is $94,000

ERC Eldoret, Camp leaders teaching a game to the kids

Edmund Rice Camps Eldoret, Kenya

In western Kenya, the Edmund Rice Camps Eldoret program for children and youth from the Langas slum is delivered. The program provides young adult leaders, usually local tertiary students, with opportunities to develop leadership skills.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Edmund Rice Camps Eldoret is $25,000.

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Edmund Rice Camps Karibu

Edmund Rice Camps Karibu, Nairobi
The Edmund Rice Karibu Group conducts full day and half day camps for children living in the Kibera slum. The children come mainly from 8 informal primary schools in Kibera. The programs are conducted by young adults also mainly from Kibera. Around 3 full day and 3 half day programs are run per quarter. In all, around 1,000 children participate across the year with some attending multiple programs.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Edmund Rice Camps Karibu is $20,000.

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August Camp Church on the Rock

Edmund Rice Advocacy Network (ERAN), Nairobi

ERAN provides training and workshops for parents, teachers, care givers, children and youth with respect to children’s rights, psychosocial support, peace building and environmental conservation initiatives. A Life Skills Program is delivered to schools including Br Beausang Catholic Education Centre and Ruben Centre’s Vocational Training Unit. The program produces outcomes of positive behaviour change, increased self-esteem and improved capacity to manage stress and resolve conflict.
ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for ERAN is $35,000

Mary Rice Centre

Mary Rice Centre, Nairobi

In an area of extreme poverty, the Mary Rice Day Care Centre supports children from the Kibera slum with physical and intellectual disabilities. The Centre also supports a micro-finance scheme which is available for the parents and guardians of the children participating in MRC’s programs. The scheme makes available small, interest-free loans to enable families of the centre’s children to generate their own income.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Mary Rice Centre is $140,000.



Ruben Centre, Nairobi

The Ruben Centre operates programs providing health, education and social development services for the people of the Mukuru slum which houses about 900,000 people in inhuman conditions. The centre consists of several programs to support the Mukuru Community:

Ruben Primary School, with over 2,700 students
Ruben Medical Clinic, seeing approx 60,000 people per year
Radio 99.9 Ruben FM, the radio is a key community advocacy tool.
Computer program, training youth between 15 to 24 on ICT with an aim to improve employment opportunities.
Special Needs Children Program, formal training and basic skills to children with various disabilities in Mukuru Kwa Ruben.
Social Program, dedicated to working with communities to overcome poverty and injustice in Mukuru.
Lea Toto, for children who are HIV infected to ensure that they lead a healthy and quality life- positive living.
Baby Care Centre, with high rates of malnutrition among children under 5, the centre is home to over 50 babies every day.
– The Scholarship Program, Ruben Centre offers free nursery and primary education for children of the Mukuru Kwa Ruben slum.
– Stop Child Labour Program, focuses on eliminating child labour in Mukuru.
– Child Doctor Program, provides free healthcare and medical assistance to children of families unable to access treatment due to financial restraints.
– Stop Sexual & Gender Based Violence, with a vision of a society free of sexual violence by creating awareness and prevention.

Key Supporter groups towards the Ruben Centre such as the Ruben Appeal and the 500 Supporters’ Group host events throughout the year to raise much needed support & funds to the centre.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Ruben Centre is $365,000.


Comboni Sisters’ Hospital – Nzara

Comboni Sisters Hospital Nzara Yambio

Medical Staff in Conference

The Nzara Hospital provides accessible, quality health services for the impoverished counties of Nzara and Yambio in South Sudan.  The hospital is a World Health Organization accredited provider of medical care for HIV/AIDS, TB and Leprosy.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Comboni Sisters’ Hospital is $50,000.


Star Support Group – Yambio

Support Group

STAR Support Group is one of very few providers of services for people in Yambio area living with HIV/AIDS, a huge problem in the aftermath of the civil war and estimated to be about 15% of the population of Western Equatorial State.

ERFA contributed funding for 2018 for Star Support Group is $70,000.


Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School – Arusha

Senior Students

Senior Students

Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School (ERSSS) is a Catholic school for around 1,350 young men and women and is managed by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, East Africa District, for the Archdiocese of Arusha. The school is situated at Sinon near a slum on the outskirts of Arusha, about 7 km from the city centre.

Arusha is one of the fastest growing urban centres in Tanzania with a population of about 520,000. It is the hub of the Northern Tanzania tourism circuit and a centre of agricultural and horticultural activity.




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