The Br Beausang Catholic Education Centre (BBCEC) school welcomes students of all tribes, cultures and religions from neighbouring communities. Br Beausang school is at capacity with 770 students across primary and secondary classes. The school also has a unit for children with special needs. Most of the students are from poor and often displaced families and many are orphans.

We would like to thank the wonderful people at the ‘Project Kenya’ initiative for BBCEC in Embulbul, Nairobi who were most generous in their commitment to BBCEC.

ERFA contributed Funding for 2018 for BBCEC was $250,000.

To learn more about BBCEC, please visit http://www.bbcec.org/


Update: March 2019

Progress has begun on an ERFA funded project at Brother Beausang Catholic Education Centre in Kenya.

A retaining wall behind the toilet block at the school is being constructed to prevent further erosion and risk of the building being damaged. With the heavy rain period now predicted for late April, it has allowed work to commence with the project now at 60% and an estimated completion date of early April.

Update: August 2018

During the August term break a special camp for some 22 children from Lower Primary was held. The pupils selected were from needy backgrounds and also had performed very well in their school work during the term. The timing of the camp meant two of our regular Irish visitors were able to be leaders for the camp.

The activities were varied – from talks on personal health, hygiene and grooming, daily reading sessions to role playing games based on possible future career choices! The camp was held over 6 days (3 week days in both the second and third weeks of the three week holiday period). This allowed the children to enjoy themselves in an active and safe environment with breakfast and lunch provided.

This was in marked contrast to ‘normal’ holidays which often means only staying in the compound where they live and not having lunch often due to the family situation. The group also took part in a community service activity (clean up of the local neighbourhood including the parish church compound perimeter). This was both practical and informative for the children in developing a sense of awareness and responsibility relating to the local environment which is often strewn with rubbish and litter. Their enthusiasm for the clean-up prompted some local villagers to join in which was quite inspiring.

The final day was a ‘reward’ trip to the Giraffe Centre and Elephant Orphanage. The impact on the children was certainly positive and it is hoped to conduct the camp on an annual basis as a regular part of the Lower Primary program.

Update: August 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, BBCEC received 63 new sponsorship’s to new students.  These sponsorship’s allow families to have more funds for food and rent which in turn, increases a child’s attendance as they then do not have to worry about school fees.  Physically and emotionally this benefits the students and their families and improves learning outcomes.

Update: August 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, a breakfast program ran for pre-school and year 1 students. The program runs 5 days a week with 89 students attending for the quarter.  The children are healthier and more energetic as a result of the program which has seen their concentration improve in class. This has assisted in the teaching and learning program and its outcomes.



Winnie Ojwang, BBCEC

Winnie Ojwang joined the school as a lower primary teacher in 2012 after spending some time teaching in Somalia. Winnie has proven herself to be a consistently inspiring teacher and member of the school community. She is the driving force behind the school’s dynamic Arts and Culture program which has enjoyed considerable success and recognition over the past five years. Winnie’s dedication and inspiration has seen many of the primary children embrace the music and dance program, at the same time developing their talents and self esteem. Winnie’s commitment and belief in the children has inspired other staff to join the program and make the school a leader in this field. In 2018 the five entries in the Kenyan music Festival all qualified for the nationals and did the school proud.



BBCEC Teachers with Diocesan Top Teacher Awards 2017

On May 26, 2017 the Catholic Diocese of Ngong held its annual education day. Part of the day’s activities included presentations to teachers and schools in recognition of the school’s successes in the 2016 primary and secondary national exams.

The school was recognized for having the highest ranked pupil in the Diocese and also a number of secondary subject teachers were given awards for being the top ranked teachers in their subjects based on student results. The subjects were Mathematics, Physics, Business Studies, History and CRE from a total of nine subjects offered. This was a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the teachers to their students and to the school.

Another illustration of the positive impact the school has was the decision by five of the 2016 graduates to volunteer in the school for the first two terms whilst waiting to commence their tertiary studies in August. Their motivation has been to give back to the school as an appreciation of the support given to them during their time at the school.


BBCEC Student Leaders at State House 2017

The school has always placed great importance on student leadership and the quality of the school’s student leaders has consistently being recognized over the years including the adoption of the school’s Student Council constitution and election procedures by the District Education Office for use in the district government schools.

The school was invited to attend a student peer mentorship workshop on March 8, 2017 as the nominated representative of private schools in the district. This workshop was limited to five representative schools from the County and was held at State House, the official residence / office of the President of Kenya.

Eight students and two teachers were involved in the workshop which included meeting the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta who is patron of the program.

The students and teachers had a most rewarding and enjoyable experience and for the students added to their growth as future leaders in Kenyan society. The recognition of the work done in student leadership by the school reflects the ongoing positive impact of the school’s program.

The students and teachers of the Br Beausang can be supported in a number of ways including:


Making a donation to support staff and children within Br Beausang. 

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