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East Africa Day – Lap It Up

Congratulations to the whole St Patrick’s College Launceston school community on their wonderfully successful annual East Africa Day and Lap It Up fundraising events held in September, which raised approximately $17,000 and $10,000 respectively. A total of approximately $27,000 will be distributed largely to St Patrick’s sister school, Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania.

All Year 12 students and many staff and parents participated in Lap It Up, a 24 hour challenge involving 24 hours of swimming, riding and running. The Lap It Up logo, together we’ll right injustices, encourages sponsorship to support East Africa and other local charities. Many students spoke of the bonding opportunities that were created and the tangible spirit of teamwork which was particularly evident during the Everybody Hour.

Everybody Hour, an important part of Lap It UP, provided an opportunity to learn more about life in Africa, and particularly about Edmund Rice Sinon School in Arusha, Tanzania. Highlights were a passionate presentation from a College staff-member, who with his wife, had taught at Sinon School and also a 2007 old collegian who reflected on her life-changing experiences as a volunteer in Africa.

East Africa Day saw a range of food stalls, activities and games which brought members of the College together to celebrate. This day was also an opportunity to raise funds towards supporting Edmund Rice Sinon School. Particular highlights of East Africa Day were the staff v student soccer challenge and the inaugural, St. Pat’s has got Talent show.  Many local businesses also supported the East Africa Day giant raffle.

East Africa Day and Lap It Up combine as a powerful community event involving both the College and wider Launceston community. Many months of organisation are involved for staff and students which provide wonderful opportunities for community building and for the development of teamwork and leadership.

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On October 13, 2010

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