BR MARTIN SANDERSON | board member

Martin has been a Christian Brother for over 45 years.  He is a trained secondary school teacher and has held leadership and administrative roles with the Christian Brothers.  He is currently a member of the Oceania Province Leadership Team serving as a Trustee of the Christian Brothers.

He has worked in several schools as Principal. He also taught at Centre Education Program, Kingston, and was a member of the Brothers’ Qld Murgon – Cherbourg Indigenous Ministry for over 13 years.  His roles have included Co-ordinating an Alternative Education Program for Indigenous Youth, and the associated Edmund Rice Volunteers’ Program and working in partnership with an Indigenous Youth Justice Program.  Martin has been on the Management Committee of an Incorporated Indigenous Youth Action Association for over 13 years.  Martin first became involved with Edmund Rice Camps in 1995.  He has had the opportunity to visit or undertake immersion periods with Brothers’ Ministries in a number of countries including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, India and Papua New Guinea.