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The Justice Desk students with the Melbourne Rebels, Cricket Australia and Queensland Reds

Please scroll down the page to read a message from Jessica Dewhurst, Executive Director of The Justice Desk (South Africa). Jessica is a phenomenal person doing amazing work and is a recipient of the Queens Young Leaders award. Unfortunately they have been attacked by a local gang and we are hoping for your support.
At ERFA, we would like to ask for our community to come together to help us raise $6,000. These funds will help replace laptops, cameras, a projector, external hard-drives and other equipment that was stolen.

“I wanted to give you a quick update on The Justice Desk with some unfortunate news.

At the end of 2018, it became apparent that we’d been targeted by a local gang.

They followed me home, broke in, wrapped my roommate up and stole everything in my house. They also tried to break into the office and did break into our vehicle, taking everything of value. All our equipment was stolen, which makes our work very difficult to do.

One of the unfortunate outcomes of human rights work is that not everyone is happy with what we are doing. We are empowering local women to stand up against domestic violence and abuse; and some men in the community are not happy about it.

We’ve come to the realisation that we were unfortunately not safe in our premises and began 2019 with the urgent mission to move to safer premises.  We thankfully have been able to do this, and have now moved to the community of Elsies River. We are in a secure business park, with 24 hour security and electric fencing. Our team is very happy with the move, and the new office space seems like a wonderful sign that we are moving onwards and upwards! 🙂 The area of Elsies River also has a gang presence, however, they are much more respectful to NGOs and the community is very supportive.

We have always known that doing this work would pose a risk to us. I’ve personally had to talk town a gunmen sent to harm me, had an attempted hi-jacking and many other attacks. But we honestly and truly believe in what we are doing here. We are seeing the change first hand, and thousands of people are standing up to defend their rights and build safer communities. 

Our work IS changing lives, and our team is more determined than ever to work hard and continue to serve those we love in our many communities. Our staff and board are working hard to put together even more safety strategies for our team, many of which have already been put in place.

Again, I wanted to thank you for the incredible support over the past few years.

It is because of ERFA’s support that thousands of people are now equipped to challenge injustice and build safer communities.”

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