Kiaafrica: Episode 1

In our greatest time of need to support those who need our help the most, a father and son have teamed up to bring their stories into your living room.

Mark and Archie Chew are phenomenal humans and have donated their time and skills to put this together. You will be amazed by the amount of detail that goes into their work to really ‘tell the story’.

Please give your time to watch one of a number pieces of their work. It certainly helped us put some things in perspective.

To see more of Mark’s work, please visit

Workshops were run for 121 parents and these ensure that over 231 children receive support from their parents at home.
Jun 2020
Ermera Teacher Training & Tetun Literacy Program – Timor Leste
When COVID-19 hit, ERCRS had to find a new way to engage the primary aged students who attended its Homework Clubs.
Aug 2020
Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services
Youth Advocate, Sandhyakiran Saroj from ERFA partner program, PRATYeK in India addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the impact of COVID and child marriage this month.
Sep 2020
PRATYeK – India