About us

Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia) is an international aid organisation which supports sustainable community-based education programs in developing countries and projects for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Australia.

In particular, ERFA supports education programs in East Africa, Timor Leste, India, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Within Australia, ERFA supports programs for socially and financially disadvantaged children, youth and families, including programs for indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Values


We believe in relationships built on integrity, transparency and trust. We stand in solidarity with the disadvantaged and those living in poverty ensuring the dignity and equality of all.


This awakens us to our responsibilities and compels us to respond sensitively to the hopes and needs of local communities supporting them to eradicate poverty and suffering.


We believe in liberation through education, promoting human development and human rights and supporting local communities to break the cycle of poverty and determine their own futures.

We’re making impact.

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We’re planning for the future.

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Meet the team

Bren Arkinstall
Bren Arkinstall CEO
Emily Faller
Emily Faller Programs Director
Louise Allison
Louise Allison Donor Relations Manager - South West
Br Bill Wilding
Br Bill Wilding Relations Manager
Br Robert Stone
Br Robert Stone Learning Community Officer
Finley Stupkin
Finley Stupkin Communications Coordinator
Jarrod Turner
Jarrod Turner School Partnerships Manager
Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell Database Coordinator
John Beckinsale
John Beckinsale Policy and Risk Officer

Our History

Established in 1987, we’ve been doing this a while…

Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia) is the successor of the Christian Brothers’ Foundation for Charitable Works (CBFCW) which was established to support communities in Australia and overseas to rise above adversity.…

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our partners

ERFA has recently teamed up with SolarBuddy to help educate and empower students by changing the lives of children living in energy poverty.
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