Liberating lives

Our Vision

ERFA’s vision is for access to quality education and life-long learning opportunities for all, supporting empowered communities who determine their own futures

why education?

Education has the power to change everything.

We believe in the power of education to change lives. We know that the best education represents lifelong learning where skills are applied, lessons learned and life skills mastered.

children & adults

We believe education is more than a classroom.

Our focus on education is not only in life changing education for children, but in skills such as financial literacy, farming, trades, health and human rights for adults and children.

our approach

Listening, not telling.

We work with the poorest communities, helping them to create solutions for what they have said their biggest needs are, not by telling them. We work with local communities to deliver programs that promote continuous improvement, wellbeing and liberation for everyone.


Guiding Principles.

ERFA’s development work ensures lives are changed through an empowered education and we are committed to our Guiding Principles.

You can read about ERFA’s guiding principles here 

Program Funding

How does it work?