In December 2021, Lila* embarked on a journey to make a difference in the world. Her path led to Justice Desk Africa, a beacon of hope in South Africa, empowering everyday people to understand and defend their human rights. It was here that Lila found her calling as a social worker. 

Joining Justice Desk Africa marked the beginning of a transformative chapter for Lila. Her experience has been a testament to the extraordinary power that ordinary people possess to effect change when united. It’s a lesson that has instilled a renewed faith in the collective strength of communities to influence legislation, governmental policies, and the dynamics of local societies. 

At the heart of Lila’s work lies a commitment to providing early intervention services to children facing the darkest corners of society. In communities plagued by abuse, violence, crime, and substance abuse, these children lack positive role models and support structures. Justice Desk Africa offers education, support, and positive role models to counteract the negative influences in their lives. These children, facing unimaginable struggles, demonstrate resilience and courageously seek guidance and support. Through psycho-social support services, counselling, and unwavering commitment from staff and volunteers, the children undergo profound transformations. What was once hopelessness transforms into hope, self-worth, and a vision for the future.  

Through the dedication of staff and volunteers, supported by a community-driven approach, Justice Desk Africa has become a catalyst for change, fostering an environment where children thrive. The ripple effect extends beyond individual lives, influencing entire communities and creating a foundation for a better future. 

*not her real name 

I am so happy and thankful for ERFA for teaching us how to plan, work and plant vanilla in the correct way.
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Beans of Hope
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Empowering Change: A Social Worker’s Journey