For those living in extreme poverty, maintaining a secure income is a constant struggle. Women rely on odd jobs to make ends meet and to sustain their families. They establish businesses to secure additional income. However, these businesses face many challenges and often fail.

We’ve partnered with Mirror of Hope C.B.O and @dfat’s #ANCP to provide business skills training to equip women in Kenya with essential skills to foster economic self-reliance, and enhance employment opportunities.

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I am so happy and thankful for ERFA for teaching us how to plan, work and plant vanilla in the correct way.
Mar 2020
Beans of Hope
Apr 2020
Beans of Hope
In 2018, Kate decided to make a trip to the slums of Nairobi with ERFA’s Gone Fishing immersion program. She was incredibly moved by what she saw.
May 2020
Enhancing employment opportunities