Overcoming disability in Mukuru slum through education and therapy: the story of Jacob*.

Jacob* is a 13-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy from Kenya who lives with his mother and grandfather Francis*. His family were unable to afford therapy in his early years but then discovered the Ruben Centre which, through their Special Needs Education (SNE) department, provides Jacob* with physical therapy two mornings a week.
Jacob* was also enrolled in the AEF Ruben public primary school and says ”Last term I got 314 marks out of 500 marks. I was among the best in my class. My hobbies are reading and studying in school. I want to be a lawyer in future.”
Grandfather Francis* says Jacob* is more relaxed and attentive in class and I am impressed by his grades. Ruben Centre is a one stop shop for us, taking care of our educational and health needs with subsidized fees for therapy which is more sustainable for us. I am very impressed that Ruben Centre has integrated Jacob* into the mainstream school where he feels motivated to work hard towards his goal. The support group started by the SNE department has really encouraged me and I have learned a lot on how to take care of Jacob*.Learn more about Ruben Centre here
*not his real name

Jul 2023
Edmund Rice Catholic Education Centre
Oct 2023
The Justice Desk
This wonderful project is implemented by Edmund Rice Ministries Foundation Philippines (ERMFP) and works alongside 75 families living in an old cemetery and on the street sidewalks near the port of Cebu.
Dec 2023
CEBU Families Program