As the second wave of COVID continues to impact India, PRATYeK have been on the ground engaging communities – thanks to your support.

COVID Oxygen Holding Support Centre
PRATYeK have started a ‘COVID Oxygen Holding Support Centre’ in 3 locations near Lucknow, where 10 beds and 10 oxygen concentrators were made available in May 2021 thanks to funding from your donations. The services were available in the Sadar Gurudwara Hall, Lucknow where the centre was open from morning 6am till 7pm. As the number of cases started to reduce in that region, the same concentrators were taken for a set up of ‘COVID Oxygen Holding Support Centre’ in different locations of Lucknow and villages of Uttar Pradesh for community use.

Ration Distribution
PRATYeK has so far, been able to support over 1500 families with dry rations in Delhi and some villages of Uttar Pradesh. The ration kit includes – Flour, Rice, basic spices, cooking oil, and sanitary pads (optional for those households that require).

Wellbeing Sessions
Weekly wellbeing and counselling sessions are conducted with 120 children from Delhi. We have launched a program online called “The Summer of C -1 9” for children from across the country. The purpose of this program is to engage children in creative mediums in spreading awareness on healthy practices during COVID. Different artists are invited thrice a week to conduct sessions. Some of the art forms conducted till date are – Mime, Story telling, Scratch art, Improv, Poetry, etc. During these sessions, artists perform as well teach children these art forms as medium of expression.

This program is helpful in keeping children away from stress due to COVID and also empowering children as agents of healthy COVID practices.

ERFA will continue to receive updates from PRATYeK as funding from your donations continues to be distributed.  We thank you so much for your support in our India Appeal.  If you would like to make a contribution to further the reach of PRATYeK’s work in India, please click here.