Ubuntu Through Health is a volunteer organisation run by medical students at Griffith University. They have been fantastic supporters of ours and in particular, have focused in recent years on supporting the malnutrition program run by the Ruben Centre.

Unfortunately, as a result of COVID they were unable to host their usual fundraising events, but with what is taking place in Kenya and around the world, the need to fundraise is greater than ever.

They have recently setup an online appeal and are well on their way of achieving their goal. We are so appreciative of their thoughts and actions and we know it will truly make a difference in a challenging time.

For more information on what these very generous students are doing and how to support, please visit:


Learn more about Ubuntu Through Health here https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuTH/

ERFA’s 2019 Annual Report and Financials are now available.
Aug 2020
Last week ERFA facilitated a video meeting between our Kenyan Office and the students from Victoria’s Parade College to discuss the impact of COVID-19.
Sep 2020