St Albans, Victoria, Australia

2019 Funding


The ERCRS program based in St Albans provides educational support to young students of a refugee background. Many of the recently arrived young people, who have been accepted into Australia on a refugee visa, have had very disrupted or non-existent schooling. The great majority are struggling to come to terms with the English language and to fit into a new educational environment. ERCRS assists these students in this transition. The program is integrated with the opportunity to learn more about social and recreational opportunities around Melbourne.

Program focus

Homework clubs for students of disadvantaged background
A Tutoring Program for secondary and tertiary students
School activities, excursions and camps for students and volunteers.
Young Womens’ Mentoring Program involves bimonthly excursions around Melbourne for students in years 10-11

To learn more about ERCRS, please visit their website http://www.ercrs.com.au/about.php