We’re asking for your help on 15th November 2022, so that SHE can put HER best foot forward.


We believe all women and girls deserve equal access to education.  Right now, they don’t.  Women and girls living in impoverished circumstances lack basic human rights and fundamental opportunities.

*UNESCO Institute for Statistics, eATLAS of Gender Inequality in Education, May 2019

Put your Best Foot Forward and join us this November 2022 for our national Day of Giving.

Every dollar you give will help us continue to fund programs that support women and girls education and empowerment.

It’s for 24 hours only, with every dollar QUADRUPLED.


How it helps

We’re urgently raising funds to give them an opportunity for education so they can put their best foot forward. Two thirds of the world’s 750 million illiterate adults are women, while 16 million girls will never set foot in a classroom. Together we can make lasting change for women and girls all over the world. To give them an opportunity for education and to put their best foot forward.

Become a BFF and put your best foot forward to help fund education for underprivileged women and girls.