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Why we created Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward is Edmund Rice Foundation Australia’s dedicated fundraiser for programs that educate and empower women and girls. Our goal is to raise awareness and important funds so that SHE can have a brighter future.

Women and girls living in poverty lack basic human rights and fundamental opportunities.

The COVID pandemic has increased the burden of gender inequity across the world. Women and girls need your financial support now more than ever.

Post-COVID statistics compiled by the United Nations indicate that in the developing world:

· 60% of women surveyed have lost all or part of their incomes

· 147 million children missed half of their in-person schooling in 2021-2022, and of these 24 million children will never return to school

Research also indicates:

· Increased violence and sexual assault against women, and

· Increased teenage pregnancy, exposure to STDs and unsafe medical procedures