Start off the day on 15 November with a meaningful conversation and pledge your support for women and girls.

An example of a pledge you can use is below, or feel free to modify to suit your needs.

I believe in women and girls; Their power, worth and ability to change this world!

I also believe in men and boys; And their power, worth and ability to change this world!

I believe in and respect the fundamental Human Rights of all people.

I promise to listen, respect and protect women.

I commit to playing my part in ending gender-based violence, by not allowing any form of violence to take place without doing something about it.

I commit to always learning, growing, and holding myself and others accountable to our thoughts and actions.

I commit to ensuring safer communities for all people, and to never leave anyone behind.

I want to be a part of the change I want to see.

Today, I am stepping up for women and girls.

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