Nairobi, Kenya


50,294 people

2022 Funding


Ruben Centre is located in the heart of the Mukuru slum, estimated to be home to around 700,000 people living in extreme poverty in a harsh environment. Very few homes have electricity and up to 20 families might share a communal water tap and toilet latrine. Poor living conditions contribute to higher mortality.

The community based organisation, Ruben Centre, is committed to empowering the people of Mukuru community through provision of integrated services such as education, health, economic opportunities and social empowerment to ensure that many of the very marginalized and vulnerable people lead a dignified life. Above all, the development goals of Ruben Centre are informed by the real needs of the people.

ERFA currently fund the below projects in 2022.


This project is based in the Mukuru industrial slum in Nairobi. It is an advocacy project proposing to empower community members, through Ruben FM radio station and public forums, with knowledge and information to enhance meaningful participation in the national electoral process while at the same time mitigating possible adverse outcomes (election violence) within Mukuru.


This project is located in the Mukuru industrial slum in Nairobi. It caters for formal education for primary school children, early childhood education, education for children with special needs, vocational training for women and youth, and capacity building for sustainable agriculture practices.


This project is based in the Mukuru industrial slum in Nairobi. It proposes to support up to 600 school going children to enrol in school and support 30 adults to access adult literacy classes. It also proposes to empower households to gain economic independence through business management and cottage industry.

To learn more about Ruben Centre, please visit https://www.rubencentre.org/