Mukuru – Nairobi, Kenya

Ruben Centre – Nairobi, Kenya


Director – Br Frank O’Shea



The Ruben Centre currently operates 7 programs providing health, education and social development services for the people of the Mukuru slum, about 10km form central Nairobi. Mukuru is made up of about 20 villages which house about 900,000 people in inhuman conditions. The vision of the Ruben Centre is for a just and empowered Mukuru community.

Ruben Centre consists of a primary school, medical clinic, community development and vocational training facilities. The primary school provides for over 1700 children from nursery to class 8 with about 27 teachers. The medical clinic employs 3 nurses, clinical officer, laboratory technician, pharmacist and a HIV/AIDS counsellor. The clinic receives up to 200 presentations a day for general medical consultations and treatment. Antenatal care is provided and testing and treatment programs for TB and HIV. Preventative health education programs are also conducted. A social worker runs the community development unit which works collaboratively with the local people in the villages in providing services. The vocational training facility provides opportunities for the development of employable skills in dressmaking and knitting.

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