ERFA’s Schools and Community Engagement Manager, Jason Bongers is a passionate advocate for sustainable development and social justice. He is an experienced educator and speaker who is passionate about the work that ERFA supports. Jason has many years of experience connecting with school-based audiences, and can ‘join the dots’ between Edmund Rie charism, the practical application of social justice, and the global context of sustainable development.

Jason is available to speak at your school, using engaging material tailored for a specific audience — an assembly, a class, a social-justice group, or for teachers keen to engage in ERFA’s work.

Jason brings:

Real-world Experience: Jason’s journey involves hands-on experience in the field of education and sustainable development. His personal anecdotes and practical insights resonate with students, showcasing that change is possible with determination and vision.
Youth Empowerment: Jason understands the power of youth in driving meaningful change. His message is not only informative but also a call to action, encouraging students to recognise their potential as catalysts for social change.
Global Perspective: With a global perspective gained through extensive travel and diverse field experience, Jason understands the interconnectedness of social issues. His insights will broaden students’ horizons and encourage them to think beyond borders.
Jason’s message will ignite a spark within the hearts and minds of your students, motivating them to become active participants in creating a more just and sustainable world.


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