In Zambia, ERFA partners in a community-based Maternal and Child Health project which empowers volunteers in Safe Motherhood Action Groups to advocate for child nutrition and antenatal heath. There have been sound achievements for the project leaders in 2021. Rural health clinics in the area have reported increased consistency in the attendance of young mothers and children to pre-natal and under-5 health clinics.

The Western Cluster Zambia (WCZ) program has forged ties with local project committees that are responsible for providing communities with information on the rights of children, child marriage and gender-based violence. These topics take direct aim at the root causes of child pregnancy and insecure child health. WCZ has also nurtured numerous government partnerships.

Once trained in child and maternal health practices by WCZ, members of the Safe Motherhood Action Groups are assigned to Rural Health Centres under the Zambian Ministry of Heath. Government-facilitated Victim Support Units have been engaged, which provide trauma support and education to victims of sexual gender-based violence. The partnerships between WCZ, communities and government create the best opportunities for ensuring that best health practices are adopted

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